SPHEEHA President meets UP Chief Minister

SPHEEHA President Mr. M A Pathan met the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Yogi Adityanath ji at Lucknow to present a proposal for recognising and developing Zone 2 of Agra as an Eco-Sensitive Zone.

The genesis of the proposal stems from the rapid urbanisation and adverse climatic changes, the city of Agra is severely faced with with the crisis of sustainability. Zone 2 of Agra has a very rich floral and faunal diversity. It is surrounded by river Yamuna that runs through the city. Urban activities upstream of the river including Zone 2 leave a direct impact on the river water quality. Since the Zone is in the immediate vicinity of Poor Sarvovar Sanctuary – A protected area and is located in the north-west periphery of the city – it acts as a buffer zone to protect the core areas of the city and heritage monuments from frequent dust-storms which mostly come from the north-west direction.

Recognising and developing Zone 2 of Agra as an Eco-Sensitive Zone will have many benefits for the city including it being an effective buffer for the city exhaust and a shock absorber zone. It will help improve the river water quality for the citizens of Agra and the green cover would continue to serve a natural protective shield for heritage monuments.

SPHEEHA President also apprised the Hon. Chief Minister of the work being done by SPHEEHA across India and particularly Agra. The CM was showcased our annual reports and select proceedings of the event during the meeting. The CM was pleased to observe the work being done and assured all possible Government help for the objectives of SPHEEHA.