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SPHEEHA partnered with the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI, deemed to be university), the (Dayalbagh) Radhasoami Satsang Association of Europe Property Holding CIO (DRSAE CIO), and the Systems Society of India (SSI) to jointly organize a Distinguished Lecture by Professor Michael Grubb. The lecture was titled “Energy, Climate, and the Economics of Innovation”.

Professor Grubb is the Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University College London, United Kingdom. He was also the Convening Lead Author, IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (Mitigation) from 2019-2022.

After Professor Grubb’s lecture a panel discussion was held where Mr. Pankaj Gupta (Secretary, SPHEEHA) also presented his views on the topic of the lecture.

Professor Michael Grubb

Mr. Pankaj Gupta

Professor Grubb delivered the lecture in-person on January 7th, 2023 at DRSAE CIO Headquarters, Stokenchurch Satsang Ghar, London, UK, and live virtually at the Agroecology-cum-Precision-Farming Fields, Dayalbagh in a two-way interaction mode.