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Planting in a seed tray is one of the most basic skills you will need. Learn how to do it!

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Part 1: Creating a grow area

  1. Plan to start planting seeds between 6-12 weeks before the last frost date
  2. Purchase a cell tray with drainage holes for an easy option
  3. Make a seed tray out of a cardboard egg carton for a free alternative
  4. Place the cell tray inside a large, flat plastic tray
  5. Fill each cell to the top with a seed starting mix
  6. Wet the seed starting mix with a watering can

Part 2: Sowing the seeds

  1. Submerge old seeds for 15 minutes in water to see if they are still viable
  2. Poke a 14 inch (6.4 mm) deep hole in each cell with your finger
  3. Plant at least 2 seeds in each hole
  4. Cover the seeds with seed starter mix and press it down with your finger
  5. Label the seeds if you plant more than one kind

Part 3: Caring for your seedlings

  1. Cover the tray with plastic wrap
  2. Fill the flat tray with 12 inch (13 mm) of distilled water
  3. Store the tray in a warm area
  4. Move the tray to a sunlit area once seedlings sprout and uncover them

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