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Agra Beyond Taj

2023 Theme – Green Heritage of Agra

February 24, 2023

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Environmental Sustainability Competition

North America Pilot Competition on “Environmental Sustainability Practices in our day to day lives”

May 28, 2023

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Past Events

Global event

SPHEEHA-DEI Annual Drawing & Painting Competition

The 17th Drawing & Painting Competition, jointly conducted by SPHEEHA & DEI in 2022, received over 21000 registrations and had a participation of 19003 students across the globe – the highest ever.

…and the winners are

Displaying Photos from 2019-2022

International Tree Plantation Day

Every year SPHEEHA celebrates the International Tree Plantation Day by planting thousands of saplings in over 200 locations across India and globally across the world. These events are open to all in the local communities and SPHEEHA takes special care to involve everyone by embracing the moral that every change makes an impact, no matter how large or small.

Displaying Photos from 2019-2022

Dignitary Visits

No matter the type of event or activity, SPHEEHA takes the initiative to not only invite special guest speakers but attend events to help spread the word and build a better network for the community. SPHEEHA takes-up relevant environmental social issues, such as Smart Cities,Citizen Science and Eco Habitat for sustainable Development. and makes appropriate representations to Government authorities through these community networking opportunities. SPHEEHA truly believes that we all need to work together because without sustainability guarantees, there are no livelihoods on a hostile planet, no equity without the right to a good job and social protection, no social justice without a shift in governance, and ultimately no world peace.

Displaying Photos from 2019-2022

Agra Beyond Taj

In the popular imagination, Agra has remained the home of the Taj, and nothing more. But the city, once the capital of the mighty Mughal Empire, is an eclectic mix of cultures and traditions imbued with hues of modernity. As a result of the partnership between SPHEEHA and the Tourism Guild of Agra in Cooperation with UP. Tourism, every year this event is held to help showcase the natural beauty of Agra. Looking at the beautiful landscapes motivates the citizens and tourists of Agra to keep their city clean, maintained, and sustainable.

A Display from 2018 – 2021


Over the years, SPHEEHA had organized multiple webinars to spread awareness and knowledge around climate change, the relationship between economy and the environment, and best practices for a sustainable present and future. As shown in the video, speakers such as Mr. Nitin Desai – the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, Mr. Sunil Bagaria – Founder/President of GDB International Inc., and Mr. Anil Razdan – the Special Secretary of Petroleum and Natural Gas for the Government of India, shared their views on what we all can do today to make a better tomorrow for the future generations.