Environmental Sustainability

Competition 2023

SPHEEHA is piloting a new competition focusing on the practical aspects of sustainability

Register for the ESC 2023 - deadline March 1, 2023

About the competition

The theme of the 2023 competition is "Environmental sustainability practices in our day to day lives"

We invite you to tell us about how you incorporate environmental sustainability practices in your day to day lives and share a brief write-up of what you do and how it contributes to sustainability in the categories of
Home, Food, Travel, Shopping & Other.
(150-200 words along with pictures/videos)

About the competition

The idea(s) with the highest environmental impact and creativity will be chosen as the winner

Your entries will be showcased at a hybrid event (in-person and Zoom) to be conducted on May 27, 2023 (time TBD). All sustainability practices shared will also be compiled and published as a “Wiki & Handbook of Environmental Sustainability Practices”. The Environmental Sustainability Competition is a pilot initiative open to North America region only in 2023. In future years we expect to expand the scope to a global audience.

Sample entry 1

01. Home category

I maintain a small garden at home and while pruning and deweeding I either deposit garden waste into a small compost box or leave the weeds around the plants to decompose over time. This reduces the need for me to purchase commercially available compost by re-using.

Sample entry 2

02. Travel category

I request Uber rides with the “share” option when possible so as to reduce congestion on the roads and reduce gas use

Sample entry 3

03. Food & Shopping categories

I read labels carefully while shopping to ensure I buy products that are locally sourced


Registration by 3/1/2023

Synopsis and Category decision (if pending) by 3/15/2023

Submissions Due 4/30/2023

Winners Announced 5/15/2023

Winners Showcase 5/27/2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this a team activity or one person participation only ?

A group of individuals can come together or you may individually participate, there is no cap. For example, a family can work together or a group of friends. While registering you may enter the group leads information if it’s more than one person.

Do we have to be from the same city?

No you can form a group across North America

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, if you are a group of individuals working together while registering you may please enter the average age of the group.

Can I/we submit more than one entry?

Yes you may submit as many entries as you wish to, each entry has to be registered separately and a synopsis has to be submitted for each.

What do I do if I know I want to participate but I am still not sure of the category or have a synopsis ready?

You can select the option “Will submit by 3/15/23” , this means that you still have more than a month to decide which category you want to work on, similarly you can come back and submit your synopsis by 15th March.

Why is there such a long gap between the registration and submission?

We would like you to have enough time to implement and quantify your ideas. This competition is based on actual results. We want to give you enough time to work on your ideas and come back with the impact that you made.

What do I submit in the synopsis vs the final submission?

In the synopsis you should submit 2-3 sentences around your idea/vision/or your plan on how you will encorporate Environmental Sustainability practices in our day-to-day lives. The final submission should include the actual results/and impact your idea had. Show case the practical results and metrics if any that can quantity the huge benefits one would have after incorporating your idea.

What do I need to showcase if I am a winner?

You may show case your winning entry as a poster or a video or a diorama, it is completely up to you on how you would like to engage and show your idea to the general public.

When and how do I submit the synopsis and the final submission?

The deadline to submit the synopsis is 2/15/23 and the final submission date is 4/15/23. You will submit both the synopsis and final submission in the same google form you are submitting your registration in.

What is the end goal of this competition?

We are crowdsourcing practical sustainability ideas from everyone to learn from each other and to create a live repository of such practices. All sustainability practices shared will also be compiled and published as a “Wiki & Handbook of Environmental Sustainability Practices”.