Annual Global Drawing & Painting Competition (2022)

One of SPHEEHA’s flagship events is back with new and exciting features!

This contest is open to anyone from Superman to College going students. The submission to the contest can be in the form of drawings, paintings, cartoons, doodles, sketches, posters or digital art on the announced topic. The event would be conducted at the regional level in co-ordination with respective RSS Regional / District / Branch officials.


Anupam Upvan (Dayalbagh), as well as local Branches, Centers, and Hubs

The event would be conducted under guidance & co-ordination of SPHEEHA Regional Co-ordinators at Anupam Upvan (Dayalbagh), local Branches / Centres / Hubs with the supervision of Region / Branch / Centre officials at the Satsang Halls (subject to permission granted by respective Regional / Branch officials) If the Regional Coordinators deem appropriate, this competition can also be organized at a neutral venue.


30th October 2022, Duration: 1:45 hours

However, overseas Regional Co-ordinators can organize the event, a day or two before, considering time zone / distance / Public Holidays etc. Start time is at the discretion of the Regional Co-ordinators as per organizers & participants convenience.

For whom?

This contest is aimed at encouraging student artists (Satsangi or likeminded non-Satsangi) to exhibit their creative expression on chosen theme/topics.

Participants would be classified into 5 categories

  1. Superman – A Category – up to 4 years of age
  2. Superman – B Category – between 4-8 Years of age
  3. Junior Category – Students from 4th – 6th Class or equivalent (9-12 years of age)
  4. Senior Category – Students from 7-10th Class or equivalent (13-16 years of age)
  5. Super Senior Category -Students from 11th Class and above or equivalent (17th years of age & above)


There is no restriction on the use of medium and participants can use any medium of their choice. It could be regular pencils, coloured pencils, graphite pencils, crayons, sketch pens, oil pastels, watercolours, acrylic colours, oil colours etc. The drawing, sketch or painting can be done on any paper – it could be the regular office stationery paper or drawing paper or any other surface suitable for drawing or painting no longer than A4 in size.

This year we would encourage Digital painting to restrict use of paper.

Drawings prepared by the participants will become sole property of SPHEEHA and will be free to use them in any manner and at any time, with due credit being given to the participant.

Plagiarism: All artwork must be original idea of the participants. Entries can be rejected if they are deemed to use derivative images which could be considered plagiaristic.

Regional Co-ordinators / Branch Incharges are requested to emphatically announce this before the event.

Image Orientation: Preferably Landscape View


Theme / Topics

 Superman- A

Free to draw anything

Superman- B

Free to draw anything which relates to nature / Environment

(Garden / Flowers / Birds / Animals / Trees / River etc)

Junior Category

  1. Affordable & Clean Energy
  2. Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  3. Waste Water Management

Senior Category

  1. Pollution – A Hazard
  2. Agroecology
  3. Life Below Water

Super Senior Category

  1. Save Environment – Sigma Six Q way
  2. Life on Land by 2030 (As I see)
  3. Initiatives that promote Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the UN


Winners & Prizes

Regional Co-ordinators would form a penal of Jury of experts locally in consultation with Region / District / Branch officials to evaluate & declare regional winners as per details below-

  • First Prize – 1
  • Second Prize – 5
  • Third Prize – 10

(Total 16 Prizes in each category – Superman -A Category is excluded as all participants are deemed to be winners)

Special Talent Recognition Prizes can also be offered by the Regional Co-ordinators as per their discretion.

Entries would be judged by the penal using the following criteria with equal weightage –

  1. Creative expression & Originality of the depicted theme.
  2. Understanding of and relevance to the theme.
  3. Quality of artistic composition & Overall impact

Category wise Global Results would be declared by 20th November 2022.


Role of SPHEEHA Regional Co-ordinators?

SPHEEHA Regional Co-ordinators are requested to forward following on SPHEEHA mail -id spheehainaction@gmail.com latest by 10th November 2022.

Final results along with other relevant details of the competition in prescribed formats. Scanned images of 1st Prize winning paintings of each Category the region and retain original paintings with them / respective Branches for record purpose.


Event Expenses?

Expenses incurred on the event are to be borne by the RSS Regions / Districts / Branches. All participants are required to bring their own art material.


Benefits to participants & Winners

Each Winner & Participant would be offered E-Certificates only. Soft copies of certificates would be forwarded at an appropriate time & format.


No Printing:

In order to keep the core value of SPHEEHA to protect environment, only E- Certificates would be issued to participants & winners.

Category wise E- Calendars (2023) with winning paintings would be provided.


Pandemic Precautions

 It is expected that while conducting the event, guidelines issued from Dayalbagh must be adhered to.


Media Coverage

Please share event photos on the WhatsApp Group created for the event communication.

Coverage in the local Press or electronic media would be appreciated and shared on the same WhatsApp group.

Media Co-ordinator – Shabd Mishra would separately share detailed guidelines in this respect.


Point of contact

Rahul Bhatnagar

Event Convener – SPHEEHA