Seminar on Reconnecting To Nature (RECON 2019)

If we want to protect our environment and biodiversity, creating opportunities to reconnect with nature is crucial for all the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Today many children and adults suffer from ‘nature-deficit disorder’– reduced awareness and diminished ability to find meaning in life around us. Modern life, with its skyscrapers and smart phones, stands on a delicate foundation of natural systems. These foundations are undermined by man-made climate changes, deforestation and extinctions. No amount of advanced technology will save us if we destroy and pollute Mother Nature.

The ‘Reconnecting to Nature’ initiative aims to strengthen land and water conservation, establish urban parks and preserve natural areas that all living creatures, including humans, need. Everyone has a role to play in “protecting our only home,” using less plastic, driving less, not wasting food and teaching each one to share and care. We need a reconnection agenda that focuses on reconnecting people with the natural world experientially (increased interaction with natural environments); materially (strengthening ties with local ecosystems); cognitively (increasing knowledge of our reliance on nature); and philosophically (engendering respect for the planet).

Since Dayalbagh has an unrivalled natural heritage, it is no coincidence that the ethos of Dayalbagh is in harmony with human settlements; and it is the place that respects the environment while continuing to progress and innovate. SPHEEHA provide a moral compass to promote eco-habitat, advance human dignity, uphold sustainable growth and conserve the environment. Meeting the demand of a thirsty world will call for squeezing every drop out of a severely limited resource. This will lead deserts to bloom and rivers and aquifers to run dry.

SPHEEHA believes that maintaining the health of natural eco-systems is crucial since it lends an ethical dimension to every decision. Concerted action and partnerships are key for an effective sustenance and for achieving the targets. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying sustainability and environmental management challenges. Today, climate changes are taking place faster than we are able to come up with solutions. Why can’t we as responsible citizens come up with plans with consensus to avert the misery of extreme climate? We can use technology for the benefit of all.

One of our major goals can be to design a planet that is socially, economically and environmentally resilient. How should we begin, especially when we have limited resources? Sustainable development experts say that the goals of water, food and energy are entwined. It has emerged that water solutions provide the greatest synergistic advantages for all three. It is for us to raise this matter to policy makers who should ensure that these goals are achieved collectively and that water pays off best. Working together multilaterally is the only way to create a path to success.

SPHEEHA provides a unique opportunity to everyone to articulate these paradigms and accelerate the change process in the right direction. Let nature balance our lives and let us cherish the planet that protects us.

A symposium under the aegis of SPHEEHA was held at Dayalbagh Educational Institution on Saturday, November 23, 2019 for the benefit of the citizens of Agra, the heritage city.

The broad Technical Themes covered included:

1. Water: Ethics, Ecology and Environment
2. Climate Change and Sustainable Development