Smart Cities, Citizen Science and Eco Habitat for sustainable Development

Smart City, a new buzz word, is the right combination of facilities and technologies from the best practices, which provides its citizens the best living experience. The Government has recently articulated its intent to setup such cities across the Country. It is high time that we start looking at how to make such cities more sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Eco-Habitat operates on a self-contained economy for which resources needed are found indigenously. It requires resource conservation – maximizing efficiency of water and energy resources, constructing a waste management system that can recycle waste and reuse it, thus creating a zero-waste system. In this endeavour, the citizen science refers to the participation of the general public in the generation of new scientific knowledge. it is a concept of larger participation “of the people, by the people and for the people” to evolve a blueprint for resource management for sustainable development of Planet Earth. Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology & Heritage of Agra (SPHEEHA), an NGO, as a part of it activities, provided a unique opportunity to articulate these paradigms and accelerate the change process in right direction. A seminar under the aegis of SPHEEHA was  therefore organised in Agra on 6th December, 2015 on the theme “Smart Cities, Citizen Science and Eco Habitat for Sustainable Development”.