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SPHEEHA partners with ecology experts to complete biofencing around Dayalbagh perimeter boundary


For the Prem Nagar colony boundary wall (total length 1,800 feet), SPHEEHA partnered with ecology experts to enhance current plantation along the boundary wall. Currently, there are a total of 150 trees along the boundary wall which include:
  • 65 Ashoka
  • 20 Neem
  • 08 Sheesham
  • 12 Jaamun
  • 45 Bay leaf
The proposed intervention area is shown in the adjacent image in green highlight.
As per expert suggestions and discussions with team members 3 Tier plantation strategy was proposed.
  1. Tier-1 – Creepers (Total 300 plants comprising of Star Jasmine, Climbing Rose, Flame Vine, Rangoon Creeper) along wall
  2. Tier-2 Bushes ( Total 400 plants comprising of Rat ki Rani and Curry Leaf) in between the wall and line of tress which are at maximum 11 feet distance from wall
  3. Tier -3 Trees (Total 300 nos. comprising of Kadamb, Bel Pathar, Giant Bamboo, Jamun) to fill the gap where number of trees are less.
The selection of plants is done with following objectives:
  1. Absorption / stopping of suspended particles inside Dayalbagh Boiundry.
  2. Aesthetically appealing bio-fencing
  3. Fragrrance
  4. Sound absorption
  5. Low maintenance

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