Achieved by composting of garden waste, household waste and recycling of plastic & waste paper


Achieved by solar energy for lighting, battery operated vehicles & installation of biogas plant


Achieved by rain water harvesting, tree plantation, tree census and field survey of the national bird


Achieved by seminars with experts, competitions for kids & awareness programmes
SPHEEHA works for preserving environmental quality, ecology and the heritage of the city. SPHEEHA has made a bold attempt to weave a tapestry of sustainable ecosystem in context of urban environment in portions of Agra.


Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology and Heritage of Agra (SPHEEHA) aims to work for the management and implementation of sustainable and holistic solutions for the pressing environment and ecological needs of Agra.

The society has successfully organised several seminars and workshops on different aspects of environment having relevance for Agra; in which some renowned experts, environmentalists, scientists, engineers/technology experts, administrators/policy makes and social workers, drawn from different part of the country and abroad, participated as speakers and panelists. Besides, the society has also organised environment theme based rallies, interactive meetings with Resident Welfare Associations, essay writing / drawing-painting competition for school students, and tree plantation drives, in order to generate mass awareness on the burning need of environment protection in a city like Agra that houses Taj Mahal the most premium attraction for tourists from all parts of globe..

SPHEEHA is a registered body under Societies Registration Act (Act XXl of 1860). SPHEEHA is registered under FCRA; Registration Number: 136210095.


SPHEEHA’s vision is to make all Urban Habitats Eco-Friendly and Sustainable.

SPHEEHA aims to work for sustainable management of life support ecosystem to protect and present physical environment for the cultural, emotional and spiritual well being of the residents of Agra.

Through the interactive and inter-connected efforts of our members, we will continue to discharge our duties with zeal, tireless interest and vigor with the unified aim of achieving Clean and Green Agra a reality.

Lets sort compliances

Lets sort the compliances Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.

SPHEEHA believes in both! Our legal and accounts team ensures that we do comply with the law of the land and we maintain complete transparency & ethical systems in our dealings. However our work is creative, with a plan and with complete autonomy to benefit the citizens of Agra. We do not compromise on either!


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Major events of SPHEEHA

Highlights from our more than quindecennial existence!