The Government of India had initiated a massive mission of creating Smart Cities across the country. Agra was nominated as one of these cities. A number of government organisations are working to make this mission a success. As always, SPHEEHA has taken the lead to bring all stakeholders under one roof with experts from across the country helping outline the broad vision and possible solution to make Agra a Smart City. There is lot of work to be done. SPHEEHA help its seminar titled ‘Smart Cities, Citizen Science and Eco-Habitat for Sustainable Development’ on December 6, 2015, at the International Hostel Auditorium, DEI (near Prelude Public School) to guide through the work involved in creating Smart Cities bringing subject matter experts from across the country, government officers, Citizens of Agra and SPHEEHA members under a single roof.


In 2007, SPHEEHA conducted its first seminar – SEAIS. Seminar on Environment of Agra: Issues and Solutions. It was the right way of making a start by identifying the issues and discussing possible solutions that plagued the city and continues to do so. From Taj Mahal to Potable water supply, the dying river Yamuna to Solid Waste Management – all possible issues were discussed  under a single roof with a battery of experts for the first time in the history of this city.


‘Say no to Plastic bags’ campaign by SPHEEHA was a major success in 2007 as a result of this conference