Agra Traffic Apps to help you drive smoothly in the City Of Taj

Next time you are caught in a traffic jam or are overcharged by the autorickshaw drivers in Agra, all you have to do is to use the Agra Traffic Apps to know about auto fares, traffic updates and penalties to be paid. Or you could even call the Tatkal Traffic Police line to call traffic police personnel to come and ease the traffic at the place where you are stranded. What’s more, before venturing out, you can also call up the new traffic control room line called Tango, to get an update on traffic congestion and avoid the route. These and many more steps have bee taken by the Agra Traffic police to ease congestion, encroachment and penalize traffic violators.

Traffic in Agra: The Sustainable Course organized by the Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology and Heritage of Agra (SPHEEHA) on Sunday, the chief guest, Pradip Bhatnagar, Commissioner, Agra said, in a society where people don’t respect traffic rules, law enforcing agencies have to get tough and enforce rules.

With increase in urbanization, the city of Agra is facing traffic congestion and transportation woes. With rapid increase in the number of vehicles, the traffic load in the city has already exceeded the carrying capacity of roads, leading to congestion at any given time of the day.

Ram Suresh Yadav, SP (Traffic) Agra, listed the initiatives taken by his team in removing encroachment and easing traffic in Agra. As a pilot project, he chose three problem spots – Yamuna Kinare, NH2 and MG Road – where traffic problems are the worst. Yadav said “We have closed unwanted cuts and removed encroachments in these areas. We are also holding talks with bus operators and shopkeepers to help us in this project. We are also getting the traffic signals repaired. If you travel on this road, you will find that the situation has improved considerably. “ He also said that to ease congestion in the Bhagwan Talkies area, he has roped in an NGO to decongest the Area. Yadav said all his efforts are bearing fruit because of the initiatives taken and awareness spread by SPHEEHA.

Earlier, inaugurating the seminar, M Asad Pathan, President of SPHEEHA said that the seminar is an effort by SPHEEHA to bring the administration, public and all stakeholders at at one platform to deliberate on the problems of traffic in Agra. He said the inter-mixing of slow and fast moving vehicles, lack of road width, improper design of road junctions and roadside dumping of garbage have compounded the problems.

SPHEEHA vice-president Prem Prashant made various suggestions to ease traffic congestion, which was appreciated by the commissioner of Agra. The steps Mr. Prashant suggested included, staggering of school and office timing, segregation of slow and fast-moving vehicles and encouraging companies to allow work-from-home.

There were two technical sessions followed by a Panel discussion.

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